Total quality management is a primary strategic objective and is implemented through an integrated effort across the Artemis team. Consistent delivery of quality products is paramount when providing government program management services. Our approach to quality assurance focuses on clear methodologies, documentation, and compliance with applicable DoD and Navy guidance – resulting in the highest quality consulting services.

Artemis has documented a standardized Quality Assurance (QA) process to be applied across various projects. Established QA procedures are strengthened by documented Quality Control (QC) steps and integrated into Quality Management Plans, which ensure a repeatable process that can be applied across projects.

The Artemis QA process is team based and invests in front-end planning to manage uncertainties and reduce rework.

QC is applied at the technical level to ensure the data used to deliver project goals is acceptably performed. QC preserves track changes, references outside data sources, and builds layers of data reconciliation - all enhancing the data quality and reliability of financial deliverables.

Artemis management also applies Lean Six Sigma methodologies in both business and task management. Artemis evaluates the processes, reducing non-value added activities, and increasing process quality. As a small business our services are designed to operate in a Lean, efficient manner, which increases quality and results in cost savings. We offer personnel with Yellow and Green belt training, which has been successfully applied to previous government projects.

Key elements of the Artemis QA process include:
  • Measurable or quantifiable results
  • Clear project goals
  • Defined roles, responsibilities, and authority
  • Apply methods of open communication
  • Identify resource needs to achieve success
  • Team consensus of strategy and corresponding schedule
  • Document evidence that goals were achieved at conclusion - All rights reserved.
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